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Looking for the Best Local Sod Installation Services near Pace, FL?

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Enhance your home or business’s curb appeal, prevent erosion and improves your property’s flood control with sod. A Cut Above Landscaping’s sod services include grading, topsoil application and sod installation for residential and commercial properties in or near Pace, Fl.

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Sod Installation Services for Santa Rosa County, FL

If you are looking for the best grass for a lawn in Florida, we recommend sod. The top four species of sod for homes and businesses in Pace and the surrounding area are Bermuda sod, Centipede sod, St. Augustine sod and Zoysia sod. We can expertly install the sod of your choice. Our full-service sod installation process ensures your new grass has the healthy foundation it needs to flourish. 

Our Sod Installation Services Include:


The first step in successful sod installation is carefully leveling and sculpting the land to create the best foundation for root establishment and growth. In this business, this is called grading. We handle every step of the process, including removing and hauling away the debris we cut out of the property and ensuring the land where you want to place the sod has proper drainage.

Topsoil application

The right soil mix is critical when installing new sod. We inspect what is already there and add just the right type and amount of topsoil before laying the sod, ensuring your new pad of grass has the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Sod Installation

We place each piece of sod down individually in a running bond pattern. This technique helps the sod grow together faster and helps prevent erosion on slopes. If you have a property with a large lawn, we will install rolls of sod to cut down on your labor expenses.

Want to learn more about how to install sod and ensure it thrives in Florida? Check out our Sod Installation Guide!

Santa Rosa County's Sod Installation Provider

We provide residential and commercial sod installation for properties of all sizes in Pace, Florida and the surrounding area.

When is the Best Time to Plant Sod in Pace, FL?

We can install sod any time of year for you, but spring or early fall is the best time for a sod installation project in Pace, FL. With our location right near the Gulf of Mexico, we have sweltering hot summers and short, cold winters. By installing sod in spring or early autumn, your new grass will have time to establish healthy roots and growth before the harsh summer heat or coldest month of winter.

July and August are typically the worst times to install sod in Santa Rosa County since they are usually the hottest months of the year. Sod can literally cook and die if exposed to extreme heat soon after being rolled out. So, it’s wise to choose a time of year with milder temperatures.

What’s the Best Sod for a Lawn in Florida?

The ideal sod for your yards depends on your property’s location, size and amount of shade. There are four species of sod best suited for the climate in Pace, Fl and the surrounding area: Bermuda grass, Centipede grass, St. Augustine grass and Zoysia grass. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of these types of sod below.

Bermuda Grass

  • Grows and spreads quickly with a deep root structure.
  • Handles heavy foot traffic well and bounces back quickly.
  • Handles high temperatures well and is drought tolerant.
  • Typically used for commercial properties.
  • Disadvantages: not very shade tolerant and can spread aggressively.

Centipede Grass

  • Ideal for builders on a budget.
  • Early spring green-up and resistance to pets like centipedes.
  • Performs well in acidic, sandy soils,
  • Damaged sections can be repaired with seed.
  • Disadvantages: not very shade tolerant and doesn't bounce back well from wear and tear.

St. Augustine Grass

  • Grows quickly with a deep green color.
  • Endures wet conditions and moderate foot traffic.
  • Tolerates heat and drought well.
  • Does well in partial shade.
  • Disadvantages: susceptible to pests and fungus.

Zoysia Grass

  • All-around most pest, drought, and shade-resistant species.
  • Handles moderate foot traffic.
  • Lower maintenance than St. Augustine.
  • Soft, carpet-like texture.
  • Disadvantages: spreads slowly and browns during cold snaps.

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