Recent Project: Drainage Work, Fencing, and Zoysia Installation

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Drainage Work, Fencing, and Zoysia Installation

We met with Mr. B at his property off of Scenic Highway to discuss a drainage problem he has had since he bought his home in the 1980's. He had spoked with multiple companies, underground utility contractors, and could not come up with a feasible solution for his problem.


Project Planning

Our team came up with several options for Mr. B, and he settled on a efficient sealed 4" pipe system, light grading, and installation of a dry well on a separate pipe system.

Mr. B also wanted to use this opportunity to replace part of his aged fence and to resod parts of his property with Empire Zoysia.

Trenching and Pipe

Mr. B's property was unique as one side of the house was completely hardscaped. Between pavers and 2500sqft driveway, there was no access to install a pipe to divert runoff.

The problem was so severe that Mr. B had spoken to a directional drilling company to attempt to drill under his house from the street. The pool plumbing in his backyard prevented this from being a feasible option without excessive liability.

Our team was able to reroute the water around the back of the house, through the side and front yard, and to the street, preventing further foundation damage and erosion.


Drain Termination Point

The front yard was mature and healthy saint Augustine. To preserve the sod, plywood was placed across the lawn, a strip of sod was cut out, the trench dug, pipe installed, and new sod installed.

The curb was cut, pipe installed, and concrete repoured so that water from the property did not cause erosion.

Zoysia Installation

Several sections of the property were St. Augustine that were experiencing a decline.

Mr. B decided to have us cut out the St. Augustine Sod and replace it with Empire Zoysia Sod, a lower maintenance alternative.



Mr. B also decided to have part of the fence replaced. He was pleased that the same team could manage a complete all of these tasks simultaneously!

This is James, one of our foremen looking surprised!


We spoke with Mr. B during the next rain event in our area. He informed us that the drainage system we designed and installed was working properly, and was very satisfied with his experience!

Our team was able to simultaneously avoid the pool plumbing, solve the drainage problem, and improve the landscaping of Mr. B's property. This project took 3 days from start to finish.


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